Autumn semester 2020-21: A fascinating experience

1st February, 2021

Last week, the Academy held a closing ceremony for the previous semester. The closing ceremony marked the end of the Autumn 2020-21, and the Academy took this opportunity to celebrate participants' achievements, nurture relationships and continue the learning journey together. Academic Dean, Amélé Adamavi-Aho Ekué thanked the instructors, participants and supporting team members for making the semester a success.

Executive Director of, Obiora Ike noted that society has come together and been united in the fight against COVID19, and we must also channel this into being united in ethics. He made a call for course participants, ‘to practice what they have learnt' with the Academy. Course instructor, Meggy Kantert noted that ‘ethics is about recognising the face of the other'.

As course instructor for the Responsible Leadership course, she spoke of the importance for leaders to remain ‘open and vulnerable to unrehearsed questions', in order to see the opportunities that lie beneath the issues. Course instructor for the Cyber Ethics course, Gilles Bach highlighted that issues such as personal data and privacy connected to new technologies were of ‘historical importance'. He echoed fellow course instructors, as he was impressed by the engaging discourse between the students, and called it a ‘fascinating experience', from which he learnt just as much as the participants.

Course participants also shared their learning experience with attendees. John Kofi Annan, a participant on the Responsible Leadership course noted that his idea of what a leadership was before and after course shifted, as he was introduced and learned about the ‘virtues and values systems' underpinning leadership. He further explained that the course inspired him to support and develop grassroots programs for young leaders across West Africa. Course participant Nkuku Labo called the course a ‘life changing program', and the different views from around the world made her recognise that we are all facing common challenges. She said the course helped centre her thinking, and she expressed gratitude to all involved.

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