Book Title Obiora Ike In His Own Words: A Shot at Immortality - Thoughts on Culture, Ethics, Society, Religion and Politics
Author Chinedu P Chukwu
Publisher BuildingEwealth Info-Tech Limited
Year of Publication 2016
Language English
ISBN 9789531273
No. of Pages 130
About this book

This book is a collection of quotes by Msgr. Prof. Obiora Ike who is a Priest, a Papal Chamberlain, a consummate Scholar, a Philanthropist, an Entrepreneur, an accomplished Administrator, an impeccable Orator, a Motivator, etc. who has vastly traversed the globe in the course of his activities.

His quotes are on the subjects of culture, ethics, society, religion, politics amongst other subjects. They furnish the reader with unabridged clarity to tackle the emerging challenges of daily existence drawn from his wealth of knowledge.

This book provides nuggets of wisdom for people of various ages, race, status and creeds. An application of Prof. Ike's quotations contained in this book will develop the reader both mentally and spiritually.

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